Residential Knox Box Information

Residential Knox Box

Residential Knox Boxes are secured key boxes designed to provide responding firefighters and paramedics immediate access to entry keys for a private residence. The Residential Knox Boxes are made of heavy duty steel and are securely installed to a resident's home adjacent to a main entrance. The Schiller Park Fire Department has the only key to open the Knox Box to retrieve the entry key.   


The Knox Box system allows firefighters and paramedics to gain access to your home without having to wait for a key holder to arrive from another location or without forcing or breaking a door or window.

The Schiller Park Fire Department recommends the purchase and installation of a Residential Knox Box for those residents who anticipate frequent medical calls and may also be unable to answer the door for responding emergency personnel.

Purchasing a Residential Knox Box

To purchase a Residential Knox Box for your residence online:

1. Visit the Knox website.
2. On their home page on the left hand side, select on the green shopping cart labeled "Products/Place order."
3. Choose Schiller Park Fire Department by entering zip code 60176, or by typing in Schiller Park Fire Department.
4. Scroll down to "Schiller Park Fire Dept."
5. Click on the green box labeled "Proceed with Pre-Authorization Order"
6. Proceed with ordering the Knox Box of your choice.
7. Once your address has been entered, click save address or save and add another.
8. When your desired Knox Box is in your shopping cart click "Submit for eApproval."
9. To complete this process you will need to login or create an account.

Key Placement

Once you have received and properly installed your Residential Knox Box, please call the Schiller Park Fire Department at (847)-678-5136 to have the key(s) to your residence placed and secured in the Knox Box.