Construction Updates

2020 Active Projects              

Alley Reconstruction (3 Locations)

What to Expect During the Project:  Triggi Construction is the Contractor that will be completing the work.  The steps of the project include: 1) removing the existing concrete alley pavement, 2) repairing and re-grading the stone base, 3) pouring new concrete alley pavement, and 4) landscape restoration.

Parking Logistics: During construction the alleys will be closed and you will not have access to drive vehicles through the alley.  Any vehicles you need to use must be removed from the alley and parked on the street. The Contractor will provide notice when the alley is reopened.  Parking during the project will be permitted on adjacent streets.

Garbage Collection Logistics:Garbage pick-up will be conducted on the streets in front of your home during construction.  Place your existing roller carts at the parkway curb in front of your house. Refuse, recycling, and yard waste pickup will occur on your regular pickup day.

Alley Location 1 Specifics: Construction is scheduled to begin the week of May 18th and will take about 5 weeks to complete (weather depending). 

Alley Location 2 Specifics: Construction is scheduled to begin the week of June 8th and will take about 5 weeks to complete (weather depending). .

Alley Location 3 Specifics: Construction is scheduled to begin the week of June 22th and will take about 4 weeks to complete (weather depending). 

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Alley Location 1

Alley Location 2

Alley Location 2

Alley Location 3

Alley Location 3


Scott Street Resurfacing (Seymour Avenue to Waveland Avenue)

Chicagoland Paving, Inc. is the Contractor that will be completing the work.  The work is being funded primarily with Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds, which are part of a federal grant program that the Village applied to and was awarded money from.

The project will primarily consist of grinding the top layers of asphalt, patching of the underlying pavement, and then a final overlay of the entire roadway with new asphalt.  Also included in the project is removal and replacement of selected portions of the curb and gutter, sidewalk, and driveways or carriage walks located behind the curb being replaced.

Schedule: Work began the week of May 11, 2020. Completion is expected before June 30th. Landscape restoration of the parkways will be completed after the paving portion of the project is complete.

Driveway Access: Some homes will have their curb and gutter removed which will affect their driveway. This means you will not have access to your driveway or garage during this time.  If work is being done that will interrupt access to your driveway, you will receive a notice from the Contractor at least one day in advance.  The interruption of access to your driveway could last up to 10 days but will likely require less time. 

Parking: During curb, gutter and driveway work, parking will be prohibited on the side of the street where the work is taking place. During this time, parking will be allowed on the other side of the street. We are asking residents to avoid street parking between 7:00 AM and 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday, to allow for a safer work environment for the Contractor and to assist roadway traffic flow.

There will be other days during the project, when the existing asphalt is being removed and when the two lifts of asphalt (one day for each lift) are placed, that parking will be prohibited on both sides of the street. The duration for each of these interruptions will be one day or less. “No Parking” signs will be posted on the street in advance.

Scott St. Web Image (Big)


IDOT River Road Resurfacing


River Road from Foster Ave. to IL 171 (1st Avenue), and Lawrence Ave. from River Road to Ridgewood Ave. - 4.4 miles of pavement milling, patching, resurfacing, ADA sidewalk repairs, shoulder and drainage improvements.


April 2020 through November 2020

What to Expect:

The contractor: 1) digs in the pavement to remove manhole lids, 2) grinds off the top 2-inches of asphalt, 3) digs in the pavement as needed to repair sewers and patch soft sections of pavement, 4) removes and replaces failed section of curb and gutter, 5) removes and replaces sidewalk at intersections to meet the new ADA requirements, 6) repaves the top 2-inches of asphalt, 7) replaces pavement striping. 

Since this project is a long section of road to be improved, the contractors work in sections.  It will be common to see barricades and lane closures while it appears no one is working.  Although it may look like no one is working, the contractors will be working on a different section of the project outside of the Village.  

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IDOT River Road Exhibit v20200423


Grace Street Water Main Replacement


Replacement of all the water main and water services along Grace Street from Irving Park Road to Lawrence Ct.


Early April 2020 through mid June 2020.                                     Landscape restoration in Fall 2020 


4-3-20 Project Notification & IEPA Notice

Grace Street WM Exhibit


Sanitary Sewer Cleaning & Televising

Scope: Cleaning & televising the sanitary sewer throughout the Village.

Contractor: National Power Rodding

Timeline: April 2020 through July 2020

Below are photos of National Power Rodding’s work vehicles.  These vehicles will be seen all across the Village parked mostly in the roadway and parkways to access sewer manholes.  The work consists of running a high pressure jet hose through the sewer to clean the sewer, then running a televising camera through the sewer to videotape the condition of the sanitary sewer pipes. After the cleaning and televising project is complete, the videotapes are viewed to identify any needed sewer repairs.

NPR Jetter

ComEd Tree Trimming

Scope: Tree Trimming and vegetative management along:

  • Scott/Ruby Street
  • Waveland Avenue
  • Addison Avenue

Timeline:       May 2020- June 2020

Contractor:   Davey Tree Service

See Larger Exhibits of Work Locations:

  1. Exhibit 1
  2. Exhibit 2


2020 Completed Projects

Water Valve Exercising

Scope: Exercising and inspecting all the water valves in the Village.

Contractor: M.E. Simpson

Timeline: April 2020 through June 2020

To the right is a photo of an M.E. Simpson work vehicle, and a M.E. Simpson employee uniform.  M.E. Simpson staff will be seen all throughout the Village exercising and inspecting the Village water valves.  Most water valves are located along the roadway, however M.E. Simpson staff will also sometimes be seen in rear-year or side-yard easements, as some valves are located in residential backyards.