Posted on: May 10, 2016

Electricity Aggregation Update

Electrical Outlet.png

Since the Village last renewed pricing for its aggregation program (in Spring 2015), pricing of all commodities has seen an unprecedented drop. For instance, the price of gasoline a year and a half ago ($4.50/gallon) has dropped 50%. Similarly, electricity pricing has seen a significant decrease over the last year.

As such, the current ComEd base rate of 6.27¢ per kWh (which increases to 6.31¢ in October through May of 2017) is lower than the Village’s current electric aggregation program rate of 6.39¢ per kWh. Be aware that the ComEd rate can change each month due to the floating PEA adjustment, so the ComEd rate can range up or down from the base rate one half cent per kWh per month during the next year. Fortunately the amount this issue cost was only 67 cents for the average Schiller Park homeowner for the month of September.

Therefore the Village feels it is important to state that residents may be better served by switching back to ComEd for the duration of the Village’s program (September 2017). The Village aggregation program has no early termination fee, so any resident wanting to move to the currently lower ComEd rate may do so with no penalty by calling the Village’s current supplier, Dynegy, at 1-844-351-7691. (Neither the Village nor ComEd can switch your account, only Dynegy.) Residents should have their ComEd account number on hand when they call.

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