Posted on: May 15, 2017

Fire Department's New Ladder Truck Almost Complete!


The Fire Department’s new ladder truck, under construction in Florida, is almost complete. The truck, which was ordered last year after the Village Board approved, is replacing the current ladder truck which was purchased in 2000 and has seen heavy service during its long tenure in Schiller Park. The new ladder truck cost more than $750,000.00 but helps keep our Fire Safety Insurance Rate (ISO) at a low number which affects the home and business insurance rates in our community. A portion (maybe as much as $200,000) of the hefty cost of the new truck will be made up through the sale of the current used truck on the open market. A small delegation of the Schiller Park Fire Department recently visited Florida to view the progress on the truck and to ensure that it meets the specifications that the Village agreed on when the order for the ladder truck was placed. A photo of the not yet completed truck is shown with this article.

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