What are the procedures for Garbage Collection?

Garbage collection is provided free of charge for single-family, two-unit, and three-unit residences throughout the Village. Details about this program can be found by viewing the Garbage Collection Program Brochure. Larger multi-family residential buildings (i.e. condo and apartment buildings), commercial, and industrial buildings need to secure their own pickup using a Village-licensed company. Please contact the Village at (847) 678-2550 for a list of approved contractors and for any service issues, or submit a request using Online Service Request Form here

Online Service Request Form.

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1. What are the procedures for Garbage Collection?
2. When is the garbage collected?
3. Who is the Village garbage collection contractor?
4. Does the Village offer recycling?
5. Does the Village offer electronics recycling?
6. Will Flood Brothers pick up large items like furniture and appliances?
7. Will Flood Brothers pick up a mattress?
8. Can I get extra garbage or recycling carts for my residence?