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Resident Option for 2nd Garbage/Recycling Cart Form

  1. Resident Option for 2nd Garbage/Recycling Cart Form

    If you would like to have a 2nd large GROOT garbage or recycling cart you now have the option to rent an extra one for a cost of $2.25 a month, which will be added to your water bill (total will be $4.50 per water bill). This charge covers the rental of the 2nd garbage or recycling cart. As with your other carts GROOT retains ownership of the extra cart and it stays with your house in the event you move. Please fill out the form below and submit it to the Village so that your second cart can be delivered.

    I request that the Village provide my residence with a 2nd large GROOT garbage recycling cart. I understand that this constitutes an agreement by me to rent this extra cart, for a monthly charge of $2.25, that will be added to my water bill. I further understand that the Village can discontinue this program at any time, that the monthly fee may be increased, that any rental must be for at least 6 months, and that I can discontinue renting the extra cart with 1 month’s notice to the Village after my 6 month minimum is over.

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