Construction Updates

2022 Street Resurfacing 

(Updated 7/28/22)

Scope: Resurfacing the below listing streets.  Work generally includes spot curb and sidewalk replacements, asphalt patching, and grinding off the top layer of asphalt and repaving the surface layer asphalt.

Contractor: Brothers Asphalt Paving

The following streets will be resurfaced this year:

Lawrence Court – 25Th Avenue to Ruby Street

Leland Avenue – 25th Avenue to Ruby Street

Kolze Avenue – Irving Park Road to North Dead End

Wesley Terrace – South Dead End to Montrose Avenue

Wagner Avenue – Soreng Avenue to Irving Park Road

Atlantic Avenue – Belle Plaine Avenue to Irving Park Road

Kawa Court – Wehrman Avenue to East Dead End

Sarah Avenue – Denley Avenue to Schiller Park Village Limits 

Resident Letter

July 28, 2022                                       

2022 Street Improvements UPDATE

Dear Resident,

We are providing this letter to provide you with an update on the Village of Schiller Park Street Improvement Project which is taking place on the roadway in front of your home.  

All concrete work (curbs, driveways and sidewalks) is now complete and the INITIAL backfill along sidewalks, driveways, and the curb on all streets will be completed by the end of this week. Final landscaping will not be completed until the fall.

All driveways will remain accessible and all no parking restrictions will be lifted, after the placement of the initial backfilling is complete.

As you may be aware, the International Union of Operating Engineers Local 150 went on strike on Wednesday, June 8, 2022 against Major Material Producers and Quarries Across Northern Illinois. This strike affected the availability of asphalt. Fortunately, the strike was settled earlier this week and the operators went back to work on Wednesday, so asphalt will again be available beginning next week. The Contractor has a significant amount work on other projects which are ahead of the Villages project in the queue.  

We anticipate that the next stage of construction, removal of the existing asphalt pavement, patching of the underlying pavement, and the installation of two new layers of asphalt will take place in late August or early September.  

Another notification will be hand delivered prior to the commencement of the next stage of construction. Thank you for your patience and as always, please feel free to contact the Village at (847) 678-2550 with any concerns or questions you may have. In addition updates on the project will be available on the “Construction Updates” section of the Village website.


2022 Alley Reconstruction Project

(Alley Between Kolze Avenue & Old River Road – South of Cullom Street)


This letter is to advise you of the following: 

1) the alley behind your home is going to be reconstructed,  

2) what to expect during the project, and

3) alley access and parking logistics. 


What to Expect During the Project

M&J Asphalt is the Contractor that will be completing the work. Construction is scheduled to begin on approximately Tuesday July 5 and will take approximately four (4) weeks to complete (weather depending). The project consists of removing the existing alley pavement and replacing with new concrete. The steps of the project include: 1) removing the existing alley pavement, 2) repairing and re-grading the stone base, 3) pouring new concrete alley pavement, and finally 4) landscape restoration.


Parking Logistics & Alley Access

During construction, the alleys will be closed and you will not be able to drive vehicles in your alley starting on Tuesday, July 5th. Any vehicles you will need to use during the approximately four weeks the project lasts must be removed from the alley and parked on the street on or before midnight on Monday, July 4th. The Contractor will provide notice when the alley is reopened. 


Parking during the project will be permitted on both Kolze Avenue and Old River Road and on Cullom Street between Kolze and Old River Road. Street sweeping parking restrictions will be halted while construction is underway, but the Village asks that residents continue to respect no parking zones around fire hydrants. 


Garbage Collection Logistics

Garbage pick-up will be conducted in front of your homes and businesses on Kolze Avenue and Old River Road during construction. Place your existing roller carts at the parkway curb in front of your house. Refuse, recycling, and yard waste pickup will occur on your regular pick-up day. 


The Village understands that this project will cause some disruption in your daily activities, and we request your patience and understanding. Please contact the Village at (847) 678-2550 with any concerns or questions.