Construction Updates

2021 Street Resurfacing

Scope: Resurfacing the below listing streets.  Work generally includes spot curb and sidewalk replacements, asphalt patching, and grinding off the top layer of asphalt and repaving the surface layer asphalt.

Contractor: Brothers Asphalt Paving

Timeline: June 2021 to August 2021

The following streets will be resurfaced this year:

·       Lawrence Court including Rose Street and Kolze Avenue

·       Moore Lane from River Road to Wesley Terrace

·       Wesley Terrace from Moore Lane to Montrose Avenue

·       Cullom Street from River Road to Wesley Terrace

·       Belle Plaine Avenue from Judd Avenue to Denley Avenue

·       Waveland Avenue from Scott Street to Ruby Street

·       Hawthorne Street from Waveland Avenue to Ivanhoe Avenue

·       Elder Lane from Waveland Avenue to Ivanhoe Avenue

·       Emerson Street from Waveland Avenue to Ivanhoe Avenue

·       Emerson Drive from Eden Avenue to Ivanhoe Avenue

2021 Streets - delete

Kolze/River/Eastwood Storm Sewer Replacement


Replacement of the rear yard storm sewer north of Eastwood Ave., between Kolze Ave. and River Road.  The existing sewer has collapsed and needs to be replaced to restore proper drainage to the area.


The work is scheduled to begin in mid August 2021 and continue through October 2021

Contractor: Copenhaver Construction

Kolze-River-Eastwood Storm Sewer

Irving Park Road Widening (IDOT)

IDOT is widening Irving Park Road to expand it from four lanes to five lanes west of 25th Avenue and will resurface the roadway. In addition, a left lane turn signal will be installed at Judd Avenue

Irving Widening - Delete


Lawrence Ave. Drainage Improvements and Resurfacing (IDOT)

IDOT is completing draining improvements from Rose Street to under the viaduct, and then  will resurface Lawrence Avenue, west of River Road and east of Mannheim Road.  

Lawrence Ave Exhibit


Michigan Avenue Water Main Replacement


Replacement of the water main along Michigan Avenue from Linn Ave. to Lawrence Ave., and along Lawrence Avenue from Michigan Ave. to Rose Street.


Construction begins the week of Monday, June 7, 2021 and will continue into August 2021.

Contractor: Mauro Sewer Construction

Michigan WM


Berteau/Denley/Goss Water Main


Replacement of the water main along Berteau Ave from Judd to west dead end, and from midblock of Denley Avenue north along 294 to the north dead end of Goss Avenue.  


Construction begins in August 2021

Contractor:  Gerardi Sewer & Water

Denley-Berteau-Goss WM


Sanitary Sewer Cleaning & Televising

Scope: Cleaning & televising all of the storm sewer, combined sewer, and sanitary sewer throughout the Village.  The total project footage is about 30 miles of pipe

Contractor: National Power Rodding

Timeline: June 2021 to December 2021

Below are photos of National Power Rodding’s work vehicles.  These vehicles will be seen all across the Village parked mostly in the roadway and parkways to access sewer manholes.  The work consists of running a high pressure jet hose through the sewer to clean the sewer, then running a televising camera through the sewer to videotape the condition of the sanitary sewer pipes. After the cleaning and televising project is complete, the videotapes are viewed to identify any needed sewer repairs.

NPR Jetter

Water Tower Rehabilitation

Scope: Replacement of the fill/drain pipe, various repairs, blasting and recoating of the interior and exterior.

Timeline:       April 2021 to end of July 2021

Contractor:   SUEZ (Utility Service Corporation)


Irving Park Road Viaduct Painting and Curb Replacement

Scope: Painting of the concrete viaduct, painting of the steel bridge decking, and replacement of the curb/gutter.

Contractor: TBD

Timeline: IDOT's Lawrence Avenue project needs to be complete before this project can begin, which is estimated to be sometime in August.

Storm Sewer Installation at 4000 and 4100 Blocks of Kolze Avenue and Gremley Avenue


Storm Sewer Installation at 4000 and 4100 blocks of Kolze Avenue and Gremley Avenue




Construction to begin in August 2021

Kolze-Gremley Storm Sewers