How much does a vehicle sticker cost?

A basic passenger car costs $20 if it is purchased on time, but costs $40 if it is purchased after the applicable deadline (June 30 if you reside in the Village, or 30 days after you move into the Village or purchase a new vehicle). Senior Residents (Age 62 & Up) are entitled to a $20 discount on each sticker purchased (must be for a vehicle registered with the State in their name - proof of registration required). 

When the senior discount is applied to a regular passenger sticker it makes it free (if purchased on time each year). 

For larger vehicles:

B-Truck: $45

D-Truck: $66.50

F-Truck: $95

Buses: $70

RVs: depend on size and weight.

Please note: Starting January 1 of every year, vehicle stickers only for new vehicles will be 50% off, and will expire on June 30.

View the Application Form (PDF).

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