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Village Hall Electronic Sign - Application for Use Form

  1. Village Hall Electronic Sign - Application for Use Form
    While the time on the Village Sign is limited and first priority will always be given to Village messages, the Village wants to help local, non-profit organizations publicize their events and activities so it offers the opportunity for access (free of charge) to the Village Hall electronic sign on a limited basis. Filing out this application is not a guarantee that the message will be posted. The Village reserves the right to reject or modify any suggested message.

    * Organizations with a strong connection to the Village of Schiller Park will be given preference *
  2. I am authorized to make this request on behalf of the above referenced organization.
  3. Helpful Tips:
    Keep the Message Short – the Electronic Sign can support messages of up to four lines of roughly 30 characters each (including spaces), but messages approaching this limit will be small and hard to read, and are therefore discouraged.

    Use common abbreviations when possible (i.e. St., Bldg., 7 PM).

    Plan on how to split your text among the available lines to make the message easy to read
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