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1. Does the Building and Safety Division recommend contractors?
2. Does the Village have a grant program for installing flood prevention devices?
3. How do I check on the status of a building permit application?
4. How do I obtain a building permit?
5. How does a contractor become registered with the Village?
6. How long is the permit process?
7. I found a violation notice on my door knob from Community Development. What should I do now?
8. I live in an apartment, and I am unhappy with my landlord. What can I do?
9. I am doing the work myself. Do I still need a permit?
10. My neighbor is causing a nuisance. How can I file an anonymous report?
11. What do I do when my project is complete?
12. When are permits required?
13. When do I need building permit inspections, and who do I call?
14. Why should I get a permit?