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Business Licenses

  1. Business License Renewal

    Complete this form in order to apply and pay for your 2022-2023 Business License Renewal. The business license year is June 1, 2022 to... More…

Fire Department

  1. Sign Up for Blackboard Connect (Mass Notification System) Notifications

    Complete this from to receive (via phone and/or email) Emergency Notifications from the Village

Police Department

  1. Compliment a Police Officer

    We encourage you to compliment police department employees who have provided you with excellent service or otherwise made a positive... More…

  2. Private Security Camera Registration Form

    The Schiller Park Camera Registration Program is designed to create a map of all public and private cameras located in the Village to... More…

  1. Crime Free Housing Seminar Registration

    Please provide the following information. The seminar will be held on the selected date at the Village Hall Court Room, 9526 W. Irving... More…

Public Works Department

  1. Animal Trap Request Form

    Used by Residents seeking to borrow a wild animal trap to capture an animal on their property

  1. Application for Water Service

Village Board

  1. Contact the Village Board

    Complete this form to contact the Village Board with your questions or comments.