What is the procedure for branch pickup?

The Village of Schiller Park’s Brush Collection Program begins at the end of March each year. Please reference the Village calendar to see the exact date. It is not necessary to call for brush collection or to create a Customer Service Request. Brush must be placed at the curb by 7:00 am every Tuesday. Any brush/branches that are not taken as part of the normal yard waste pickup by the Village garbage contractor Flood Brothers on Tuesday will be mulched by the Public Works crews starting on Wednesday morning at 7:00 am. It may take the Public Works crew more than one day to complete pick-up. Preparation •Branches are to be neatly placed curbside with the cut ends toward the street. Unorganized or tangled brush piles will not be collected and the resident will be asked to re-stack the pile. • Only branches from trees and bushes (up to eight inches in diameter at the cut end) will be eligible for pick-up. •Branches may be any length, though the ends must be cleanly cut with no attached root systems. •Items larger than eight inches in diameter, materials such as construction wood, branches with nails or spikes, wooden fence pieces/doors, firewood logs, rose bushes, poison ivy, small hedge/ evergreen trimmings, and yard rakings cannot be mulched and must be disposed of by the resident through other means. •Brush pick-up at any one residence will be limited to approximately 100 square feet of front area along the parkway (approximately six feet high by 17 feet long). •Contractor generated brush will not be collected.

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