Senior & Disabled Services

The Village offers several special services for Senior Citizens (Age 62 or Older) as well as Residents with Disabilities. These programs are described below and any application forms are linked to below so they can be either printed out, scanned, and then emailed to the Village or printed out and mailed in.  

Leyden Family Services - Government Benefits Assistance Sessions

Are You a Senior?    Do You Need Help Accessing Government Programs?

The Village is partnering with Leyden Family Services to help our seniors. As a result Leyden Family Services will be at the Community Center to help local seniors (other residents are welcome also) apply for government assistance programs from 9:00 AM to 11:30 AM on the following dates:

Confirmed 2019 Session Dates

(all are at the Community Center 9:00 AM to 11:30 AM)

Wednesday, September 11th

Wednesday, October 16th

Wednesday, November 13th

Wednesday, December 11th

They can also help you make sense of your medical bills, provide prescription assistance and assist you in applying for discounted license plates, train passes, and bus passes. If you plan to come to one these sessions please review the document checklist by clicking here beforehand so you know which documents you should bring to apply for the various programs.

Programs Leyden will be here to assist with:

• Medicare Part D

• Medicaid/ SNAP (formally known as food stamps)

• Extra Help (Prescription Assistance)

• Medicare Savings Program (Medicare Part A and B help)

• Benefit Access Application (formally known as Circuit Breaker)

• CEDA programs such as: LIHEAP, ComEd Hardship

• Safe Link (Cell phone)

• Options Counseling

Leyden is only at the Community Center for a short period of time and wants to help as many people as we can. If you need to make an appointment, to discuss a matter further, or for any other reason, we can set one up that day or you can call (847) 451-5081 for an appointment.

For more information about their services please visit Leyden Family Services website at If you have questions about these opportunities or other senior programs and services offered by the Village of Schiller Park (and other government agencies) please contact Mary Maltese at (847) 678-8765 or via email at

Grass Cutting

Applications are available at the Village Hall, for download by clicking on the link below, or by mail by calling (847) 678-2550.

QUALIFICATIONS: Resident must be 62 or older. If under 62, resident must be disabled and have no other person residing in the household that is able to mow lawn.
Resident must obtain a medical verification note from their physician stating that they are unable cut/mow the lawn. This will stay on file at the Village Hall.

An application must be completed with requested services and signed on an annual basis.
The grass cutting services are done by an independent contractor that is hired by the Village. The following service will be provided to each applicant upon completion of the application and approval by The Village.

• Lawn will be cut and edged once per week.
• Sidewalks will be power blown to remove excess clippings.
• A monthly bill will be sent to you from the Village. The charge is $10.00 per cut. In the event payment is not received within thirty (30)days of the invoice, you will be removed from the program.

The applicant agrees to the following:
• The lawn must be free of all feces.
• The program does not include fertilizing, trimming of bushes, trees or plants, watering grass, plants, bushes trees, etc. 

Grass Cutting Application Link

Taxicab Coupons

The Village offers the opportunity each month for seniors and disabled residents to purchase each up to four books of taxi coupons (for $5.00 each) that each contain $10.00 worth of coupons that can be used with participating taxicab companies. Therefore each senior or disabled resident can buy $40.00 worth of coupons (that's 4 books worth) for a total of $20.00 each month. These books can be purchased at the Village Hall front counter during normal business hours (Monday-Friday 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM and 9:00 AM to 12 Noon on Saturday). The list of participating cab companies is listed below:
  • Blue Cab   (708) 583-6900 
  • Horizon Taxicab Dispatch   (847) 692-2500
  • O'Hare Taxi Service   (847) 233-0000
  • Rosemont Elite   (847) 699-1100
  • Schiller Park Taxi   (847) 870-7777

Please contact the Village at (847) 678-2550 if you have any questions about this program.

Leyden Township Senior Services

The Village of Schiller Park is a part of Leyden Township and therefore senior and disabled residents of the Village are eligible to participate in programs and services offered by the Township. Details about available offerings from Leyden Township can be found below or by clicking on the link below to visit their website.

Dial-A-Ride Bus Service

Leyden Township offers a low cost Curb to Curb Dial-A-Ride service where seniors, children, and disabled residents are eligible for rides at a discounted per trip rate of only a $1.25 per trip ($2.50 per round trip). The service is also available to the general public at the normal full fare rate of $2.50 per trip ($5.00 per round trip). The program has a limited service area (See Details Below) and is only available 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Monday - Friday. The service is not available on: 

  • New Year's Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Day

Rides can be scheduled up to 7 days in advance for medical trips and 1 day in advance for all other types of trips. Please contact PACE at (888) 699-6999 for further details or to get the number for scheduling trips.

Service Area:

  • Franklin Park
  • Elmwood Park
  • Schiller Park
  • River Grove
  • Melrose Park (portion)
  • Northlake (portion)
  • Rosemont (portion)
  • Unincorporated Leyden

Special locations (such as hospitals, medical offices, and shopping) are also available outside of this delivery area.

Leyden Township Taxicab Coupons

Leyden Township also offers a senior and disabled taxicab coupon program. Details about this program are available by contacting Leyden Township at (847) 455-8616 or by visiting their website by clicking on the link on this page.